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Om Cusco og Cusco reiseprogrammer.

Cusco Packages
Cusco, (also called World´s cultural patrimony)is a precious jewel in the heartland of South America , is rich in Natural and Cultural Wonders and enjoys to be under the UNESCO´s protectorate. Let us take you away from the stress of the modern world to the end of the planet.
Tropical American Adventure is a travel agency specialized in Classic, trekking , Adventure and spiritual package tours. They are the best possible combinations around Cusco , and always include booking for Hostal Eureka .Hostal Eureka is owned by our company and it is located downtown Cusco.

Package Price per person Length


Cusco Tropical Express
US$ 200
3 days and 2 nights

Cusco and Machupicchu

Cusco Tropical Clasico
US$ 250
4 days and 3 nights

Cusco,Sacred Valley and Machupicchu

Cusco Tropical discover
US$ 350
6 days and 5 nights

Popular markets , Cusco , Sacred Valley and Machupicchu

Cusco Adventures
From $ 370 to $ 570
8 days and 7 nights

Cusco,Sacred Valley, Inca Trail (trekking) , Machupicchu and Rafting

Inka Trails
From $150 up to $ 465
4 days or 5 days

Inka trails following Hiram Bingham footsteps

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